Sunday, August 2, 2009

How Dalat Got Its Name

Point of View

The story is written from the third person point of view. The narrator knows all the
words, thoughts and actions of all the characters.
Language and Style

The following are the main literary devices used in the story :

A way of comparing things in an unusual or unexpected way using the word 'like' or 'as'.
Example :
* 'the house was as safe as a big ship' (p.47, para.3)
* 'His wisdom is as good as another man's strength!' (p.49, para. 1)

A word, object or person which / who represents something else.
Example :
* Galau - a symbol of wisdom, peace and order.
* Umat - a symbol of envy, jealousy, violence, war and rebellion.
* The Flies - a symbol of death.

Tone and Mood
This story is about family feuds and power struggles which lead to painful consequences
on individuals and society at large. Hence, the tone of the story is a blend of nostalgia for a
forgotten era of peace and simplicity and a mood of regret arising from the tragic power struggle.

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