Sunday, August 2, 2009

How Dalat Got Its Name: Themes & Moral Values

Order versus Chaos
There will be order in society if everyone fulfils his / her roles and functions and act in an
orderly manner. If this situation is threatened by greed, envy or jealousy, chaos will result.
This was the case in the village of Dalat. Galau becomes the new chief according to tradition
where the eldest usually succeeds the father. However, Umat is jealous and wants power.
Therefore, he rebels and leads a way against his brother. This results in bloodshed and
great losses in society.

Power Struggle and its Evil Effects on Society
The power struggle after the death of the old chief is mainly between Galau and Umat.
The elder brother, Galau wants to fulfill his duty as the new chief, but Umat refuses
to give in. Umat feels that his military skills is superior and more important than
the diplomatic and administrative skills of his elder brother, Galau.
This rivalry makes the people very unhappy. The village is divided into two camps.
Umat and his followers leave the village. A war breaks out and many innocent people
lose their lives, including Umat.

Moral values

Tradition is important. Galau is willing to follow the traditions of his society in terms of succession.

Loyalty and Obedience to Elders
This is a virtue we should have. Lutong helps Galau according to his dead father's wishes.

Love and Forgiveness

We should not be jealous, envious or hateful. Galau forgives Umat in the end.

Peace and Order in Society
it is important to maintain peace and order in society. Lutong tries to keep the peace by
saying that Galau should be the new chief while Umat should be the military leader.

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