Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Dead Crow


The poem 'The Dead Crow' is about what has happened to our environment due to neglect
and abuse by Man.
In this poem, the poet voices his anger about what we have done to our environment.
Among the victims of pollution are an old man, a baby and a crow.


Stanza 1
He saw a dead crow in a drain by the post office. He also saw an old man and a baby
with a breathing problem in a crowded morning health clinic. The poet wonders why
we are still sufffering when we have a country that is so abundant with natural
resources like clean air and clean water.

Stanza 2
The poet demands clean air for his grandchildren. He wants the greedy businessman
who make huge profits from timber to stop destroying the forests. He wants a
green environment. He wants the politicians / government to plan development
carefully so that a clean and healthy environment may be preserved for now and
for future generations.

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