Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potato People: Question & Answer - Moral Values

Based on the novel of your choice, write about the moral values that you have learnt


Based on the novel, Potato People by Angela Wright, I have learnt many values. One of them is not to give up hope even in the most difficult situation. Patrick Flynne, had experienced a lot of hardship during the potato blight that broke out in Ireland. He was determined to live and to seek a new life in America. In several situations, he was completely helpless and on the verge of death, yet he did not give up. He was determined that his life would change once he reached America. He ate anything e.g. the weeds by the road and the leaves from the trees just to survive.

Another moral value that I have learnt is to help people in need. Peter O’Connor is such an example. Peter, a kind gentleman, took on the responsibility to care for an orphaned girl. Peter had compassion for the young girl who had seen so much suffering at such a tender age. When the little girl was coughing badly, Peter decided to go to town to find a doctor or take her to a hospital.

These are the moral values that I have learnt.

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