Sunday, July 19, 2009

Potato People: Question & Answer - Plot

Based on the novel that you have read, give reasons why you like the story.


The novel that I have chosen is Potato People written by Angela Wright. I like the story very much because of various reasons.

The story is interesting. The story is about the potato blight, a disease which destroyed all the potato plants in Ireland in the 1840s. As a result, the people had nothing to eat. There were a lot of poverty and suffering and many people starved to death. Many people were forced to leave Ireland to sail to America to start a new life.

It is interesting to read what people do when they are desperate. Patrick ate strange things like the roots which he dug up with his bare hands and weeds from the side of the road. He even ate a dead dog. Even though the meat smelled terrible and there were worms in it, he still ate it. After that, he fell sick. He almost died. He even ate the leaves of trees. He chewed and forced himself to swallow them.

All these make the story interesting and that is why I like the story.

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