Friday, July 3, 2009


1. Juana throws the pearl away

  • In the early hours of the morning, Kino sees Juana silently rise, takes the pearl from the hiding place and glide out the door.
  • She moves towards the sea.
  • He reaches her and wrenches the pearl out of her hand just as she is about to throw it into the sea.
  • He strikes her and kicks her.

2. The Third Attack

  • As he return to walk home, Kino is attacked in the darkness with a knife, and is knocked to the ground and searched.
  • The pearl struck from his hand lies glinting in the moonlight, a short distance away.
  • Juana copes with her pain, drags herself from the water, approaches Kino and find the pearl on the ground.
  • She considers to go back to the sea and finish the job.
  • Juana sees a dead man on the shore.
  • She understand a murder has been committed.
  • She conceals the stranger’s body in the bush and revives Kino.
  • She informs Kino that he has killed a man and they must escape before daybreak.
  • Kino agrees to flee but discovers his canoe has been destroyed.
  • He is overcome with rage.

3. The House is set on fire

  • Dawn breaks and the huts begin to awaken.
  • Kino hurries towards his house but the house is afire and Juana is fleeing towards him with the frightened baby.
  • The fire attracts their neighbours and they assume that Kino, Juana and Coyotito are in the burning hut.
  • Juan Tomas agreed to hide Kino and his family for a day until they can escape in the darkness of the following night.
  • Juana blames the pearl.

4. Before the flight

  • Juan Tomas tells the neighbours that Kino and Juana have already fled to escape the evil fortune that seems to plague them.
  • At nightfall, Kino and Juana take formal leave.
  • There is a emotional parting between the two brothers.

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