Friday, July 3, 2009


1. The Flight

  • Kino and Juana make their way out of the village and turn to the north.
  • Kino becomes aware of the animal instinct growing stronger in himself which makes him cautious, wary and dangerous.
  • Away from the town, they take the road and walk all night, conscious of evil and danger.
  • They stopped at a clearing concealed from the road.
  • Kino and Juana take turns to sleep, always alert and on guard. Evil is near.
  • On surveying the road, he sees travelers coming, two on horseback and one on foot.
  • Kino knows the skill of these men.
  • They are professional hitmen sent to track Kino like a hunted animal.
  • He watches tensely as the hunters approach, examine the road and pass on.
  • He knows they will return and search until they find the trail again.
  • Kino is determined to flee to the mountain but he has to pass the desert.
  • Kino tries to persuade Juana to hide with the baby and lead the trackers into the mountain.
  • She refuses.
  • They head for a cleft in the mountains.
  • They find a small spring of fresh, clean cold water.
  • He scans the distance and sees the trackers far away but not too far to catch up by evening.
  • He finds a shallow cave to put Juana and Coyotito and blazes a false trail up the side of the mountain.
  • He hopes to return to the lowlands after the trackers following the false trail had passed the cave.

2. Night Falls

  • The trackers arrive at the stream at nightfall.
  • They stop to rest and plan to stay till morning.
  • Kino decides to attack the trackers. If killed, Juana will hide and escape to another town.
  • Juana prays to ward off evil.

3. Kino launches his attack

  • Kino crawls down the mountain.
  • He is quiet and careful.
  • Near the trackers, he attacks the first one.
  • A cry is heard. One attacker shoots at it.
  • Kino leaps and kills him.
  • The third man tries to escape but is shot dead.
  • Juana’s moaning screams are heard.
4. The Return To La Paz
  • Kino and Juana return, heavy-hearted, to La Paz.
  • Kino carries a rifle on his arms.
  • Juana carries a bloody sack on her shoulders.
  • Kino is stone faced, dangerous.
  • No one dares to speak or touch them.
  • Robot-like, they walk through town.
  • The Song Of The Family is a battle-cry and he is immune and terrible.
  • At the beach, Kino looks at the pearl and sees all the evil it brought.
  • He hears the insane music of the pearl.
  • Kino offers the pearl to Juana to throw into the sea.
  • She asks him to do it.
  • He hurls it with all his might.
  • It sinks, covered by drifting and.
  • The music of the pearl sinks and disappears.

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