Friday, July 3, 2009


1. The town as a living organism

  • The town is portrayed as a living organism with a nervous system.
  • The news that Kino is going to sell his pearl that day spread very quickly to the neighbours:
  1. the fishermen
  2. the grocers
  3. the altar boys
  4. the nuns in the town
  5. the beggars
  6. the little boys
  • Most of all, the news reaches the pearl buyers who conspire a cheat the pearl fishers.
  • We are shown a panaromic view of:
  1. the natural environment: the estuary for the Gulf and the mirage of the distant mountain.
  2. The beach: usually vibrant with human activities is now deserted and abandoned.
  3. The brush huts: here the neighbours speculate on what each would do with the treasure like the pearl.

2. The Procession to the Pearl Buyers

  • Kino and Juana dress themselves in their best rags, solemnly and carefully.
  • The triumphal procession begins with Juan Tomas and Kino, followed by the others.
  • Juan Tomas, the older brother, warns Kino to be careful and take care not to be cheated.

3. The Bargaining

  • The pearl buyers wait, each in his office for Kino’s visit.
  • One hypocritically jovial man plays disappearing tricks with a coin while he waits.
  • The first buyer offers a thousand pesos for the pearl which he alleges is to large to be worth anything but a curiosity.
  • Kino refuses and the buyer sends for the ‘independent’ buyers to confirm his opinion.
  • Each players plays his assigned role in the farce. Confirming the first dealer’s opinion, offering five hundred as the lowest and fifteen hundred as the highest price.
  • The pearl buyers went too far in their attempt to cheat Kino.
  • Kino takes his pearl and announces that he will take it to the capital to sell.

4. In the Evening

  • The neighbours gathered in their huts to discuss the event.
  • They are divided in opinion as to:
  1. the value of the pearl
  2. the wisdom of Kino’s decision
  3. the good faith of the buyers
  • In his own hut, Kino suffers deeply
  • He feels alienated.
  • Juan Tomas visits Kino.
  • He warns Kino that he is counting danger in defying a way of life and departs.

5. The Second Attack

  • Kino is fearful of the night sounds as he sits brooding on his sleeping mat.
  • Juana watches with concern.
  • Kino, suddenly sensing evil outside, goes out with his knife.
  • Juana follows with a hastily snatched stone from the fire place.
  • There is brief struggle which leaves Kino wounded and semi conscious from a blow from an assailant who escapes.
  • Juana warns him the pearl is evil and begs him to throw it away.
  • He refuses and insists on selling it in the capital.

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