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1. Description of the town as a biological organism

  • The chapter begins with a description of the town as a biological organism with a mysterious nervous systems of communication.
  • Soon the new of Kino’s pearl sweeps through the townsfolk, the priest, the shopkeepers, the doctor, the beggars, and the pearl divers.
  • Each person responds with greedy self-interest, calculating how he may acquire a share of the profit.
  • The town fills with the envy, and something black and evil is distilled in the town, like the poison of the scorpion.

2. The Vision

  • The music of the pearl and the Song of the Family mingle and both are good.
  • Kino sees visions in the translucent surface of the pearl
  1. He sees himself married to Juana in church.
  2. He sees fine clothes, a new harpoon and even a Winchester rifle.
  3. He envisions Coyotito well dressed, sitting in a schoolroom and learning to read.

3. The Visit by the Priest

  • The priest comes to see Kino and reminds him that he is named after a great man.
  • Kino hears faintly the music of evil but does not know the source.
  • The priest mentions the pearl, reminds Kino of his duty to the church, praises him for his intention of marrying Juana and blesses them before he leaves.
  • Kino’s hand closes tightly on the pearl with a shrill evil cry in his ear.

4. The Visit by the Doctor

  • The doctor visits Kino playing upon his ignorance and fear.
  • He suggests that the scorpion’s venom may yet be working evil effects in Coyotito.
  • Only he, the doctor, can save the child with his superior knowledge.
  • Kino is enraged and suspects the doctor is lying but he is fearful.
  • The doctor shows them false evidence of poisoning.
  • He skillfully administers a drug.
  • He promises to return in an hour.
  • Kino buries the pearl in the dirt floor of the hut.

5. The Doctor Returns

  • The drug administered by the doctor begins to take effect and the baby becomes convulsively ill.
  • Kino remembering the drug, hears the song of evil which drowns out Juana’s crooning song of the family.
  • News of illness travels and neighbours came to help and comfort the stricken family.
  • The doctor returns and administers the antidote.
  • Bringing up the subject of payment, the doctor tricks Kino into revealing, with a flick of his eye, the hiding place of the pearl.

6. The First Attack

  • Kino listens to the night sounds fearfully.
  • Her changes the hiding place of the pearl and admits.
  • They sleep and Kino dreams.
  • His dream turns to darkness and the song of evil awakens his every sense to danger.
  • He senses the presence of an intruder in the house.
  • He drives the intruder away after striking him with his knife. He receives a blow on his head.

7. Dawn: The Beginning of a New Day

  • The new day begins with the crowing of the roosters.
  • The waves make morning music.
  • Kino dig up his pearl and stares at it.
  • The beauty of the pearl is reassuring.
  • He sees in the pearl a reflection of the holy candle and hears the music of the sea.
  • Both Juana and Kino smile and begin the new day with hope.

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