Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Curse - Character : Which character do you like the most?

‘The Curse’ is a novel with many mysterious events. Even the characters in this novel portray many kinds of traits in order to capture the attention of the readers. As for me, the character that I admire most is of course, the pretty and charming Madhuri.

Madhuri is Azreen’s elder sister and she is about 24 years old. Madhuri is liked by everyone in the village and also by her parents because she was very filial and obedient. As a good and obedient daughter, she helped her parents in household chores. Madhuri used to cook chicken porridge for her mother and feed her. Besides, she had never gone against her father’s wish when she married the man that her father chose for her. She was married to Haji Ghani who was the village headman and he  took her as his second wife. Even though she knew that Haji Ghani was married but just  to obey her father’s wishes, she was ready to be the headman’s second wife. The sense of obedience in Madhuri’s character really attracted me and I learnt to love my parents more after reading this novel.

The second reason why I admire Madhuri is because she was very pretty and charming. She was introduced to the readers when Azreen recalled about her sister’s beauty during her journey back to Malaysia from London. Madhuri was featured in many photos and in school concerts when she took the role of the beautiful Puteri Gunung Ledang. Madhuri was very graceful and elegant in her costume during the concert. Azreen herself admired her sister’s beauty when she took part in the concert. All these prove Madhuri as a very beautiful and elegant daughter and I too admire her for that.

The third and final reason why I admire Madhuri’s character is because she was a kind and thoughtful person. She was very kind to Fatihah, Haji Ghani’s first wife when she wrote about her to Azreen. She even praised Fatihah and took her as ‘Kak’ because she looked up to her as an elder sister. Each time when her father, Encik Saleh scolded or caned Azreen, Madhuri took it in a positive way that is, her father trying to educate her younger sister. I feel that Madhuri is always thinking positive to each and every incident that happens around her. This is what inspires me that is to think positively in my life in order to achieve success.

Mentioned above are all the character traits why I admire Madhuri, the most beautiful lady in this novel. I wish I could be like her  and be an obedient daughter to my parents.

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