Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Continuous Writing: Sample - Narrative

My father used to ask me a question, “Chloe, what do you want to be when you grow up?” it was just like any other conversation between a father and daughter, not at all significant or poignant. Like any other ambitious teenager, I remembered answering him. “a pilot of course. I want to fly planes and go around the world”. “I see. What about a gardener, like me?” my father asked.

“No way!” I exclaimed. Sure it was fun to grow flowers and shrubs like my father used to do, but I did not want to end up like him. Not even for all the tea in China. After a few years, I landed a job at the airport and got married to a fine charming man. His name was Thomas. When we had children, I was forced to think twice between my career and my children.

That was how I end up becoming a homemaker.

I think that mothers should stay at home to look after their children. By that, mothers are able to give their full love and attention to their children according to their needs. Children will receive full care from the mother and guidance. Nothing in this world can substitute a mother’s love for her child, I can tell you that.

However, on the other hand, I would not say fathers make bad homemakers as well. After all, how hard can cleaning the house, doing the laundry or taking care of the children be? No that easy I tell you. If women can match men career wise, becoming doctors and accountants, surely men could also do the same, no? the thing is, fathers can do almost the same, but most fathers do not.

Bear in mind, I used the word almost. History always pictures women to be at home, doing household chores. We cannot deny that. Thus, there has got to be a reason for the occurrence. You see, one main advantage that most women have over men is their ability to multi-task. A really capable mother could clean the floor, talk to the children, while waiting for the lunch to be fully cooked. Try putty a typical man into the picture. Do not ask me why, we are just born that way.

Research have also been carried out about the effects of parental care on a child. It is proven that children whose parents stay at home are more likely to succeed than those who have working parents. Children with working parents have a higher risk of engaging in social issues. As a result of negligence, these children seek attention by getting involved in immoral activities. Thus, mothers who stay at home can supervise their child.

Remember when I said I never wanted to end up a gardener like my father?

I ended up being like him anyway. Every day, I nourish my plants and watch my children grow, hoping that one day they will become someone successful. By becoming a full-time housewife, I let my ambition of becoming a pilot fly, knowing that I gained something more. I have never regretted my decision until now, even if you are to ask me again, whether mothers should stay at home to look after their children. I know, because I grew the seeds of tomorrow, just like my father.

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