Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Continuous Writing: Homework form 4 & 5

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics using the given guidelines:

1. Dreams
2. The hand phone is useful. Do you agree?
3. My Idol
4. Describe an unforgettable holiday
5. Write a short story with the ending as “That’s me”.

1.  Dreams
      - Discuss the topic as a narrative composition unless you have enough
       information to treat it like a factual essay
  • Do your dreams come true?
  • Poor boy but ambitious
  • worked very hard at workshop
  • Repaired bicycles, motorcycles, cars

  • grew up
  • enough savings-opened own workshop
  • persevered
  • expand business
  • imported spare parts for vehicles
  • supplied to other workshops
  • became a wealthy man despite being uneducated
  • willing to persevere and sacrifice
  • dreams do come true
2. The hand phone is useful. Do you agree?
     This is an argumentative essay and it requires you to make a stand.
     - example; Your stand : Agree

     Give reasons i.e the benefits of the hand phone
  • convenient
  • can contact parents when necessary
  • public phones unreliable-vandalised
  • during an emergency
  • to impart news quickly
      - state your stand again

3. My Idol
    This is a descriptive essay.
  • state who your idol is
  • describe the physical features of this person
  • describe the person’s character which is peculiar to him/her
  • give reasons why you idolise this person
  • give amusing anecdotes to make this essay interesting
     Emphasize the fact that he/she is your idol

4. Describe an unforgettable holiday
    This is a descriptive essay

     - state the place and the time

  • Describe the physical features of this person
  • describe an unexpected incident that happened during the holiday, it could be either a tragic or a happy one
          e.g a tragic incident  – drowned/lost in a jungle
                a happy one - a surprise birthday party/get to meet someone you admire

      Emphasize that it was an unforgettable holiday, one you can never forget for the rest of
      your life

5. Write a short story with the ending as “That’s me”.
    Introduce yourself and describe yourself.

    State one of your negative traits e.g selfishness
  • Relate one or two incidents to demonstrate your selfishness
  • Then, describe one major incident that happened due to your selfishness
          e.g had to look after two-year old brother
                - watched T.V, called friend to come over
                - forgot about brother
                - brother in kitchen
                - heard scream
                - went to kitchen to find brother scalded

  • regretted
  • gets emotional every time sees brother’s scar
  • end essay with ‘That’s me.’

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