Sunday, August 8, 2010

Test yourself 1


State (True) or (False) for the statements below.

1. Wearing sunscreen with harsh chemicals is dangerous to us and the natural environment. _________

2. It is good to travel with products that need less packaging or packaging that can be reused. __________

3. Travellers should keep enough money to buy bottled mineral water wherever they go. __________

4. When out with nature, pluck the beautiful flowers to remember your trip.__________

5. Crocodile skin wallets and handbags always make great souvenirs.__________

6. It is advisable to bring empty packages home to be recycled.__________


Fill in the blanks with appropriate phrases.
Here are a few tips on how to be time smart. To begin with, (1)_______________ on how you spend your time for about two weeks. This will help you to identify how much you have achieved or failed. Next, list out your (2)_______________________________________. You too may want to list out the areas where you use yourtime poorly and group them as (3)_________________ and (4)________________, in order to address them later. In owning up to your own responsibility, you should plan your work, prioritise, (5)_____________ and (6)______________ the job. Finally, remember that working without stop does not help to get the best results. Therefore, you must know (7)_______________________. Be happy with friends and family which will adequately restore you by the time you get back down to work.

These sentences are grammatically incorrect. Rewrite them correctly.

1. Many people, company and governments has become secretive and selfish by Believing that ‘information are power’.

2. Human beings has this innate need to be social and to sharing information.

3. Cerf believe that information per se do not have any power; instead it is information share that is power.

4. The sender can post ‘tweets’ up of 140 characters for their followers.

5. Tweeter, with it monthly subscriber exceeding thirty million, are now the second biggest social media service.

6. The Tweeter user may has to spend time to learning about the ‘Tweeter Tools’ in order to access the colossal amount of information available to them.

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