Friday, May 14, 2010

Prisoner of Zenda: Question and Answer

Give a short outline of Rudolf Rassendyll’s plan to save the King.

When Johann comes with the news that the King is getting weaker. “He is very thin and can hardly move” Rudolf knows that he has to act quickly before the King dies. Moreover the wedding is to be held in a fortnight’s time and before this, the king must be rescued alive.Rudolf informs Sapt of his plan to rescue the King. Sapt will lead his men to the front door of the New Castle. Johann will be there to open the door at exactly two o’clock. Sapt will rush in and seize the servants. If he has to kill, he must do it very quickly with his sword. There mustn’t be any noise. The servants must be tied up. At the same time, Antoinette de Mauban will shout, ‘Help!Help! Michael, help! It’s Rupert of Hentzau!” This is to lure Michael out of his room and straight into Sapt’s hands. Sapt must get the key of the drawbridge from him and let the bridge down.Rupert will most probably come to investigate the commotion. Then Rudolf will be waiting for him at the bridge. Rudolf will kill Rupert, get the keys of the Old Castle, go straight to the king’s room and save the King. He will have to kill Detchard and Bersonin who are guarding the King as well. It is a ‘desperate plan’ but Rudolf himself says, “I was a desperate man.” In order to mislead the enemy, Rudolf orders Tarlenheim Castle, the place they are all staying in to be ‘gay with lights and music that night’. This is to give Black Michael the impression that they are all enjoying themselves at a feast. Then Black Michael will not be expecting an attack on the Old Castle.

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