Friday, May 14, 2010

Prisoner of Zenda: Question and Answer

Write about a character that you think is brave. Give reasons for your choice.

I choose Rudolf Rassendyll in ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’. He is a rich English gentleman who looks like King Rudolf V, the King of Ruritania, without his beard. The reasons for my choice are as follows:

Firstly, Rudolf Rassendyll is willing to take the place of the King when Colonel Sapt asks him to, even though this is a dangerous and risky task. During the coronation, he bravely rides alone in the Old Town in Strelsau though it is Duke Michael’s territory and the Marshall and guards expect trouble. Later in the story at Antoinette de Mauban’s place, he fights bravely with 3 of the Famous Six who have come to kill him armed with revolvers by just using a tea table as a shield. He bravely designs a plan to rescue the King at the risk of his own life. He swims in the moat to find out if he could enter the Castle through the pipe. He bravely fights and kills De Gautet and Bersonin in his attempt to save the King. He fights fiercely with Detchard who was a better swordsman in his final attempt to save the King. In the process he is wounded in his left arm. Despite his wound, he goes after Rupert of Hentzau and cuts his face with his sword. Though weak, he exposes himself to danger as Rupert could have easily killed him if not for the arrival of Fritz von Tarlenheim. At the end of the story, the fact that Rudolf Rassendyll is brave, is reinforced when Fritz informs Rudolf that the King is alive and says, ‘The bravest man on earth has saved him.’

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