Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flipping Fantastic:Tone, Mood, Language and Style

So, How did you feel after reading Flipping Fantastic? Happy? or Devoid of any strong feelings?

On hind-sight, it an average light-hearted short story where the issues discuss are mainly about school life.

So we can say that the tone is not too sombre nor too exciting for a start. That is the mood the author wants us to start with and to continue with throughout the story. It became a little more when concerns rose about the twins going to different secondary schools.Conflict starts rearing its head when Tristan has half a mind of not going to Chesterlea Grange and to join James at Highfields instead. The way the characters express their feelings on the situation is interesting as all of them are enveloped in their own worlds with heavy-laden concerns,not communicating yet with one another, their inner thoughts.

As for the mood,we live alongside the boys and their mother, living from one anxious moment to another until the resolution of the issues.We sense the issues going on in their heads and our mood follows the ups and downs according to the development in the story.

As for the atmosphere, the setting is friendly as the family is tightly knitted and they support one another positively throughout the story.

Now, let us look at the language and style.

The whole story uses simple English structures which makes easy reading. As the story is being built up from the diary pages of three persons, the reader will need to tie up the story,the behaviour traits of the main players as well as the concerns of each character as the story moves along.

The literary devices used in this story includes mainly figurative language, imagery,irony and alliteration.

The figurative language includes

Similes- " Like a tyre that has burst,totally deflated"
Metaphors- "James is such a pest".
Personification-"Time could have stopped still".

As for imagery, we found it used in the following manner-" We're very much stuck together".

An example of alliteration:-"Flipping Fantastic!"

The use of irony is exhibited in such sentence as- ".... looking as if they have won the lottery,then lost the lottery down the drain".

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