Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flipping Fantastic: Comprehension Questions

Let us look at this passage before we put in the questions with multiple choice answer posers.

Tristan is a bewildering boy.He's always been such a life-wire but for the past two weeks,he's been strangely quiet.James has been quiet too but that is not unusual for him. They both seem to have been depressed since te last day of term.I'm not quite sure why.It is the summer holidays after all.Perhaps it was a mistake to choose different secondary schools for them. They're very different children but they're still twins.It's hard for the rest of us to understand quite how they feel. I must ask them again if this is what they really want. I can't let them spend the rest of the summer holidays looking as if they've won a lottery,then lost the ticket down a drain! (Pg 29)

1. What does the expression,'live-wire' means with regards to Tristan?

A: Noisy and serious
B: Nervous and calm
C: Quiet and Depressed
D: Friendly and talkative

2.Tristan and James are depressed because they

A: had quarreled
B: could not be in the same play
C: they could not go to a summer camp
D: had to go to a different secondary school

3.Why do the twins have to go to different schools?

A: They are competitive
B: They have different needs
C: They asked to go to different schools
D: They do not like to be in the same school

4. The word,'lottery' probably refers to them being lucky to have found

A: places i n their own school
B: two different day schools
C: suitable secondary schools
D: inappropriate secondary schools

If you have read the book closely,all the answers are obvious.


The answers are:


So,did you got them all right?

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