Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Continuous Writing: Sample essay

The Warning

It was the same bus I got onto every morning, but today, when I got into the bus, I sensed something was unusual. All of a sudden, my right hand felt cold. Immediately, I turned around and holding tightly to me was a sorrowful-looking old woman. She whispered, “Don’t go!”

A loud crash could be heard from behind. It was a terrifying car accident. The passengers, who got down earlier, innocently, walked into the accident scene. Looking for further guidance, I realised that she was no longer there. It was a narrow escape. (a close shave) Sweating, I realised it was the same dream for the past few months.

Mondays were never my favourite days. Samad, my colleague had his car sent to the workshop and he had decided to ride with me. That day, I felt very uneasy and kept on thinking about the dream. Nevertheless, it was like any ordinary day and my fears slowly faded away. Samad showed me his family photo and I was shocked to see his grandmother, Puan Asyalia. It was the same old woman in my dream. He told me that she had died when he was only 3 years old. Speechless, I nodded away sadly yet worried.

Before I could tell him about my dream, the bus finally stopped in front of our office. Due to the traffic jam, we were 30 minutes late. Impatiently, Samad rushed down quickly. A nagging thought flashed to my mind as I shouted, “Samad! Wait! Don’t go!”

It all happened in a wink of an eye. Samad was lying on the street bleeding profusely from his head. Alarmed and panicking, I rushed towards him. He was unconscious and many people gathered around us. Among them, I thought I saw Puan Asyalia staring at me. I could hardly believe my eyes.

“I tried to warn you…” With tears in her eyes, she disappeared. Within 5 minutes, the ambulance came and they took Samad away on a stretcher. Unfortunately, he died before they could take him to the nearest hospital. I could not control my tears. That day was very memorable to me.

Maybe to some people this seems like a dream; to others, it is just a naughty joke. However to me, I do believe that dreams do come true.

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