Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Continuous Writing: Sample essay

The Library

Preparing for my SPM exam, I stayed late in the library for the first time. Unexpectedly, while getting a book out from the shelf, across the gap I saw a pretty face. We had a quick glimpse of each other. Feeling embarrassed, I quickly left the place but I could not forget her beautiful face.

Back at my place, I tried to concentrate in my work. Tired, I fell asleep. Shocked with her sudden presence next to me, I gasped meekly and acknowledged her. Unable to overcome my timidity, I decided to leave. Nevertheless, I kept thinking of her.

The next day I was all dressed up to go to the library. I hoped to bump into her again. As I was about to enter the library, someone tapped me from behind. Taken aback by surprise, I slipped and fell. In a daze, someone helped me up.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes…” I stammered.

I was speechless to see her and she gestured me into the library. We introduced ourselves and located a cozy place to study. With Jane next to me, concentration was difficult. Looking at her I could not help feeling so in love. Running in luck, she seemed to feel the same way too.

For months, we continued to enjoy our time together and could not bear to be separated. I remembered that fateful day when I bravely took a detour to get her a bouquet of red roses. Smiling contentedly, I felt ready to ask her to be my girlfriend. As usual, I waited patiently for her at the entrance of the library.

However, Salbiah did not turn up. I got worried and started calling her. Despite all attempts to contact her, she was nowhere to be found. For weeks she did not come to the library. Waiting in faith, I continued to go to the library hoping to see her again.

As if answering my prayers, I received an anonymous letter one month later. In it, there was a map with a note: Go to the place marked ‘X’ on the map. Hastily, I rushed to the location. Digging at the spot, I found a wooden box. Immediately I opened it.

There was a scroll in it. It was a letter from Salbiah. She explained in detail her incurable disease and thanked me for making the last few months of her life the most meaningful ones. She claimed that she would love me forever and apologised for not being able to say goodbye to me personally. Realising that, she had already passed away, my tears refused to stop flowing for a long time.

Memories of her will remain forever in my mind. To some people this may seem like a pitiful love story; to others, it is just plain romantic. However, to me, this has been a very touching and unforgettable experience in my life.

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