Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Continuous Writing: Sample essay

The Unexpected Stranger

It was the same room I slept in for the past two weeks, but last Monday as I got into the room, I sensed something was different (weird, unusual, queer). I thought I saw a shadow following me. Feeling nervous, I decided to call Sam.

” Surely you are joking.”

“I am serious! I feel like someone is staring at me.”

“Don’t worry, dear. I will be back before the party starts.”

With relief, I continued to prepare for my birthday party. I took my shower and got dressed but still I felt someone was watching me. However, I did not worry about it. Sam came home at 7 pm, I felt relieved upon seeing him. At exactly 8 pm, all the guests arrived.

During the party, Sam unexpectedly made a surprise announcement. He proposed to me and I accepted happily. Everybody congratulated me. The party turned out to be really fun. After three hours of fun, all the guests went home and both Sam and I were very happy to be left alone. We intended to celebrate our surprise engagement.

As we were drinking, all of sudden, the lights went out. Sam went to check what went wrong as I relaxed on the couch. From the distance I could vaguely see a shadow coming towards me. Thinking it was Sam, I motioned it to sit next to me.

Shockingly, the shadow rushed towards me and chocked me. I screamed as loudly as I can. Unfortunately, I could barely be heard. The lights suddenly came back. I was relieved to feel free again. I saw the masked man chocking as Sam grabbed him from behind.

Furiously, I went over and unmasked the stranger. To my surprise, it was my ex-boyfriend, Azmeer. He tried to plead me to be his girlfriend again but refused. He claimed that we were still in love.

“Meer, I don’t love you anymore, please leave me alone!”

“You heard her right, now leave before we call the police and don’t even think of coming back.”

Azmeer left feeling ashamed as I hugged Sam tightly. To some people this seems unforgivable; to others, it is just a trivial matter. However, for me, this has been a very shockingly enriching experience in my life. Indeed, love is not as easy as it seems for people do get hurt in the process.

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