Monday, August 3, 2009

A small family is better than a big family

This is a matter of individual preference. For an only child like me, I have grown up longing to have many brothers and sisters to play with. I envy those big families who get together for loud but happy family functions, sharing wonderful cherished moments. But at the same time, a friend of mine who grew up with 10 siblings remembers the difficult times when she had to share a packet of food with her many siblings and wear old hand-me-downs.

Therefore is it arguable. A big family may have more mouths to feed. Busy parents who are working hard to sustain a big family may also neglect the children. It may not be easy to be fair to every child in terms of schoolings and their other needs. In some cases, children from big families often drift away as they grow up, as there is not much close bonding with each other. Personality clashes and personal grievances are just some of the many problems affect such families. But many big Asian families are deeply ingrained with family values such unity and harmony, thus have managed successfully to cross this barrier. Eventually, as the children get married and have families of their own, it becomes even a bigger extended family. New cousins get to know each other, share many aspects of their lives together. It is wonderful to see such families. Support system is greater and family reunions become merrier, as the saying, ‘the more the merrier’.

On the other hand, a small family may get more individual attention from parents. Parents may be in a better place to nurture and educate their children. Children may get bonded closer. It is easier to pack and go off on a holiday trip together. There may not too many household chores to be done such as loads of laundry, cooking and cleaning that is present in big families. But then, there may not be big family occasions either. It may get a bit quiet and lonely sometimes when everyone grows up.

In conclusion, it all depends on the families and their circumstances. Personally I would prefer a bigger family anytime.

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