Monday, August 3, 2009

The major problems faced by students.

The major problems faced by students are teenage problems. They include peer pressure, exam stress and many growing up problems.

Peer pressure is one thing that all teens have in common. You can't escape it. It is everywhere. Whether it is pressure to conform to a group norm or pressure to act, peer pressure is something everybody has to deal with at some time. Students spend more time with their friends and less time with their family. This makes them more susceptible to the influences of their peers. The need for acceptance, approval, and belonging is vital during the teen years. Teens who feel isolated or rejected by their peers or in their family are more likely to engage in risky behaviors in order to fit in with a group. In such situations, peer pressure can impair good judgment and fuel risk-taking behavior, drawing a teen away from the family and positive influences and luring into dangerous activities.

Our school system based on reward and punishment can induce a lot of fear for failure in students in the long run. Often, if we were to do badly in school, it may affect the quality of our future. Based on this fear, the pressure to do well in exams is highly intensified by parents and teachers. School basically takes up a major part of a student’s life and it is not easy to handle all the workload effectively. Some students just give up while some pressure themselves to do better and better. In the end, this creates anxieties, which can affect students’ well being if they are not strong enough to deal with them.

Even in stable, solid family units, teenagers will face confusion and uncertainty with themselves and life. Natural hormonal changes, emotions and a growing urgency to be an adult is just some of the challenges we have to deal with. Some students have to deal with mood swings. Then there are students who are falling in love and facing the disapproval of parents and teachers. It is a deeply emotional challenge to handle these problems.

Proper guidance and love can help a lot to help these students handle such problems.

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