Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of Bunga Telur and Bally Shoes: Exercise

It was that time in Jamal’s life. Marriage time. Jamal had left the whole rigmarole of choosing a wife to his mother and sisters. His mother finally found a suitable choice, pretty, well-educated and the scion of a family that his mother would not be ashamed to introduce as in-laws. Jamal also took an instant liking to his future bride. She looked demure and sweet, hands folded neatly on her lap the day Jamal went to “view” her. She was not too short which was a no-no for Jamal and she had langsat-yellow skin. A typical Malay beauty. Jamal gave her a 9/10 rating and pronounced satisfaction on his mother’s choice. Arrangements then commenced and a date was set. It was to be in three months’ time.

38. Who chose his bride for Jamal?
A Jamal himself.
B His mother and sisters
C His bride-to-be
D His late father

39. What four qualities attracted Jamal to his future wife?
A Demure, sweet, of average height, langsat-coloured skin
B Shy, sweet, tall , langsat-coloured skin
C Demure, pleasant, short, dark-skinned
D Bright, sweet, medium height, fair-skinned

40. How did Jamal categorize his future bride?
A Cannot be rated
B Lowly rated
C Average rated
D Highly rated

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