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Directed Writing: Speech/Talk (SPM) - Notes & Exercise

A Read the following text which is the introductory paragraph of a talk on the importance of a balanced diet for a healthy life. Then fill in the blanks.

I will start by telling you briefly what different members of the family need. First, I will talk about pregnant women. Next, I will look at what babies need. After that, I will deal with what young people need. In the second part of my talk, I will tell you about one case that I know of. In the last 30 minutes of my talk, I shall give some guidelines on how to prepare a balanced diet.

B The following outline of the introductory paragraph shows exactly what the speaker is going to talk about.

1. Needs of the different members of the family:

a) pregnant women

b) __________________________________

c) __________________________________

2. One case

3. ____________________________________


Here are some expressions to use when giving a talk.

• Today I will begin by telling ... • Then, I would like to

• In today’s talk, I will start ... • After that, …………

• First I am going to talk about

Exercise 1:

Write an introductory paragraph for your talk, based on the following outline. Remember to use the expressions above.


1 Why television is popular

2 Functions of television: to inform, educate and entertain

3 Most important function of television: to entertain

Entertainment programmes:

• Situation comedies like the Cosby Show

• Dramas about doctors, lawyers and detectives like L.A. Law

• Variety shows

• Movies

4 In homes which have televisions:

• People watch at least 6 hours a day

• Important influence on how people spend their leisure time and what they see and learn

Exercise 2:

You are the chairperson of the school Welfare Club. You have decided to help the Melia Children’s Home where abused and underprivileged children live. You have to give a talk to the students in your school to get their co-operation and support to help these children. Based on these notes that you have made, write out your speech.

Children - need books, clothes.

Many children - can barely speak English.

Place – not clean, grass overgrown

Facilities - no television, no games, etc.

Action Plan:

Organize a project to collect money, clothes, books.

Get senior students to volunteer services, to help children learn languages.

Have weekly plan to clean Home, cut grass, teach children to help.

Hold a funfair to raise money to buy a television, some games equipment.

In your speech, you must elaborate on the notes given.

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