Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Pearl: Character

Write about a personal sacrifice made by a certain character in the novel. Give reasons why the sacrifice is made.

Add more details to the given answer below.

In the novel, The Pearl by John Steinbeck, Kino has to make a very big sacrifice. Although the pearl he finds is very valuable, he throws it back the sea.

He throws the very valuable pearl back into the sea because it brings him a lot of bad luck. The worst is the killing of his beloved son, Coyotito. Actually, Kino and his wife, Juana, live mainly for their son, Coyotito. The pearl that Kino has found is actually for saving their son when he is stung by a scorpion and the doctor refuses to treat him unless Kino can pay him. It will later be used for Coyotito’s education and to give him a more comfortable life. Now that their son is dead, the pearl is quite valueless to them. The pearl has also been the cause of their child’s death. Keeping the pearl will only remind them of their dead son. So, Kino has to get rid of the accursed pearl by throwing it back where it comes from.

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