Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rationale Cloze 1

Read the following passage and then fill in the numbered blanks with the best answer.

Many social problems today involve young people. These problems (1) addiction to drugs, illegal car or motor-bike racing, extortion and bullying. It would be useful to analyse why youths are running to criminal activities.

Several factors explain this situation. Apparently, the way they were (2) has a lot to do with it. This means that parents are responsible (3) most of the social problems their children now involved in.

In the past, the cane was used as a (4) measure. Today, canes have become a rare sight. Parents believe in (5) their children to form opinions and make decisions on their own. What they fail to realise is that, (6) their characters are formed, children need rules and guidelines. It is true one can learn through one's own (7) and mistakes. However, this principle cannot be applied to children and all ages. A child below seven is most certainly not in any position to form his or her own views and make wise decisions.

1. A. concern B. concerned C. are concerning D. have concerned
2. A. bring B. brings up C. brought up D. bringing up
3. A. experience B. for C. to D. in
4. A. disciplining B. disciplinary C. disciplined D. discipline
5. A. allow B. allows C. allowed D. allowing
6. A. unless B. before C. since D. until
7. A. experience B. experiences C. experienced D. experiencing

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