Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looking For A Rain God: Questions

Exercise 1
Choose the best answer.

1. The family members go to their land after the November rains because
A. they want to cut firewood so they can work
B. their animals need to drink water at the well
C. they want to plough their land
D. their house has been flooded

2. The little girls play games
A. because they are disobedient and do not want to work
B. that imitate they way their mother talks to them
C. that will make the rain god bring rain
D. because they are stupid

3. The two women start wailing and stamping their feet because
A. they are practising a rain dance
B. the ground is too hot to stand on
C. they are celebrating the November rain
D. they are breaking under the strain of the drought

4. What happens after the girls sacrificed to the rain god?
A. It rains.
B. It drizzles.
C. It does not rain.
D. It rains till the land is flooded.

5. What do the people do at the kgotla?
A. They gather there to hear the announcement for the beginning of the ploughing season.
B. They store their blankets and cooking pots there.
C. They sharpen their ploughs there.
D. They keep their livestock there.

6. How do the villagers feel after they learn about the murder of the children?
A. They feel happy because now it will rain.
B. They feel sorry for Mokgobja and Ramadi.
C. They feel angry with Mokgobja and Ramadi.
D. They feel nothing because it does not concern them.

Exercise 2
Write short answers to the following questions.

1. Briefly describe the games played by the two little girls.

2. How do the people who practise black magic cheat the villagers?

3. Briefly describe Ramadi’s character.

4. Briefly describe the feelings of the family after they kill the two little girls.

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