Friday, August 17, 2012

Directed Writing: Speech/Talk

A very good morning to the principal, teachers and friends. I stand here today, in my capacity as the president of the Consumer Club, to give a talk on how all of you can become better consumers.
                Many people, especially women, are unable to control their shopping urges. As a result, they end up overspending. To avoid this, you are encouraged to make a shopping list so that you only buy what you need.
                As you know some items can be very expensive at certain times of the year. This is especially true of vegetables and seasonal or imported fruits. That is why consumer associations suggest that we only buy these items when they are in season
                You should always check the price of an item by visiting several shops. This is a good habit as you can sometimes save several ringgit on an item. Avoid shopping at convenience stores as their prices are usually higher.  Always look for bargains at cheaper outlets. The difference can amount to substantial savings at the end of the month.
                I would also like to suggest that you avoid catalogue shopping although it is gaining popularity. Very often, customers end up feeling disappointed and frustrated when the items they had ordered do not meet their expectations. It is always advisable to view or try on an item personally before buying it.
                Also, do not be influenced by cheap sales. Not all such sales are genuine and many consumers have expressed their anger and dissatisfaction at being cheated. Cheap sales become ‘cheap sales’ when consumers are duped into buying something which is inferior in quality, soiled or overpriced.
                You are also advised not to buy expired or damaged items. Consuming expired food may cause food poisoning. Therefore, always check the expiry date on any food item. You should refrain from buying food in dented tins, as it may not be safe for consumption.
                Many consumers have fallen prey to misleading advertisements which promise users miracle cures to a variety of problems or ailments, such as giving them a full head of hair, or promising to change them into beautiful and desireable nymphs like the actresses who endorse these products. There is nothing in this world, except plastic surgery, that can change the way you look. Even plastic surgery has its dangers.
                Be wary of the tricks used by traders to lure customers into buying an item, especially one you do not need. One tactics is by offering free gifts such as beautiful mugs, containers, or, even, toys to children. I advise you not to buy a product just to get the free gift. Similarly, do not buy a product just to enter competition.
                Very often consumers find it difficult to get a replacement or a refund for a faulty, damaged or soiled item. This happens when they are unable to provide proof of purchase. Hence, it is advisable to keep receipts of items purchased until you are satisfied with the product.
                As a consumer you have several rights. You should file a complaint if you are not satisfied with a product or service you have purchased. Also, you should report to the authorities if controlled items such as rice, sugar and flour are overpriced.
                To become a smart consumer, you need to heed the advice I have given. Should you have any queries, you can always contact your local consumer association. With that, I end my speech. Thank you.

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