Friday, August 17, 2012

Directed Writing: Letter - Reply

Your cousin has just been offered a place in Form 6. However, he has also been offered a factory job at a monthly salary of RM800. His family is not rich. He writes to you to ask for your opinion, as he has always loved and respected you.
Write a letter to him, giving your opinion. You should base your letter on the points given above, adding any other information or ideas of your own.
When writing this letter, you should remember that:
·   you are writing to your cousin, who loves you
·   your cousin is worried
·   you have to use the proper letter format
·   you should write grammatical sentences

Reasons for Leaving School
Reasons For Doing Form 6
Afraid to fail Form 6
Job offer
Family not very well off
Tired of studying
Family can still afford to support him Quite a good student
 Opportunity to enter university Better job prospects with STPM

Even though this is an informal letter, you have to write full grammatical sentences. Include all the points given, elaborating on them. Use a warm tone and express love and concern.

Sample Answer:
              21,Jalan SS4/17,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
2 APRIL 2012.
Dear Ibtisam,
                                It is great to hear from you after such a long time. Please send my regards to your family. Regarding your job offer, I have thought about it and here are a few points I would like to add to yours.
               According to you, there are two reasons for taking up the job offer. Firstly, you family could use the extra income as you all are not very well off. You could then contribute instead of being a burden to them.
              Secondly, you stated that you were afraid of failing Form 6, which is acknowledged by some students as the hardest exam in the world. If you do fail, you will have wasted two years in Form 6. Furthermore, you are tired of studying and decide that you want to start working.
              There are, however, a few good reasons why you should continue your studies. Your family can actually still afford to support you as Form 6 is not very expensive. Besides, I am sure that your father would like to see you complete your studies as you have always been quite a good student.
              If you do well in your Form 6, you will then be able to enter university. This will open up a lot of good job prospects for you. Even with just STPM qualification, you can still earn a higher wage. This will eventually be worth more than your two years’ working experience, that is if you decide to start working now.
              Therefore, in conclusion, I would advise you to do form 6 if you feel confident in yourself and if your family agrees to support you. If you decide to go for it, make sure you do your best.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Your cousin,

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