Friday, October 28, 2011

Continuous Writing: Descriptive - Sample Essay

                                             DESCRIBE YOUR TEACHERS

Teachers play an important part in the lives of students like me because we usually meet them five days a week. Some of my teachers fill my soul with fear, the very thought of them even makes my heart drop. There are others, however, who are not so frightening at all, and may in act brighten our days.
        One teacher who is liked by almost every pupil in my school is Mrs Jenny Lee, who teaches us English. Tall and slim, with a heart-shaped face, Mrs Lee is known as the prettiest teacher in our of school. The boys of my school often look out their classrooms to admire this lovely teacher as she passes by their classrooms, gliding on her high heels, with her long silky hair flowing behind her.
      Mrs Lee has a personality to match her looks. You will nearly always see her face wreathed in a sunny smile. She almost never gets angry and even when she scolds us, she still sounds sweet and gentle. I clearly remember the last time she chided me for not doing my composition homework.
      “How will you ever improve if you don’t make the effort, Brian,” she murmured kindly, looking at me with warm eyes. I felt so sorry!
      Another teacher who has made me feel really sorry for neglecting my work is Mr Joginder Singh, my teacher for Accounts. However, his method for doing so is completely different!
      Mr Singh is a huge mountain of a man. He is over six feet in height and over 200 pounds in weight, all of it muscle. He looks the typical Punjabi warrior, with his turban, bushy beard, hooked nose, and piercing eyes.
      As in the case of Mrs Lee, Mr Singh's looks also match his personality, especially his voice, which is always very loud. He is about the only teacher I know who can deliver an hour-long lesson at full volume without getting a sore throat! No one falls asleep during his lessons. Actually, no one would dare to, as this fierce teacher would take quick action with his long cane. No one ever dares to neglect the homework that he sets either — the piles and piles of it! Mr Singh’s motto is “No pain, no gain”. I am not sure whether he is referring to the pain from the cane or the pain from doing the homework.
      Yet, however much we students may complain, there is no doubt that many students have gained tremendously from being under Mr Singh’s care. Our school’s performance in Accounts for SPM is exceptionally high! Clearly, Mr Singh’s motto is a sound one. However, it can also be noted that our performance in English Language is also considered excellent. Perhaps, Mrs Lee’s motto is also valid, and it is “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”.


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