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This Vocabulary-Places is the list of words denoting various Places.

• Aviary…The place where birds are kept
• Apiary…The place where bees are kept
• Aquarium…The place where fishes are kept
• Hutch…The place where rabbits are kept
• Sty…The place where pigs are kept
• Insectariums…The places for keeping or breeding insects
• Igloo…The shelter for an Eskimo
• Chalet…The shelter of a Swiss peasant
• Dowar…The shelter of an Arab
• Tepee…The shelter of an American India
• Wigwam… The shelter of an American India
• Caravan…The shelter of a gipsy
• Kraal…A Zulu village
• Kabitka…The shelter of the Kirghis
• Kennel…The place where dogs are housed
• Stable…The place where horses are housed
• Pen…The shelter for a cow
• Byre… The shelter for a cow
• Dovecot…The house or a box in which live pigeons or doves
• Burrow…The dwelling place for animals underground
• Den…The home of a lion
• Drey…The home for the squirrels
• Lair…The resting place of a wild animal
• Form…The house of a hare
• Eyrie…The nest of a bird of prey
• Aerie… The nest of a bird of prey
• Dispensary…The place where medicines are compounded
• Hospital…The place for the treatment f sick people
• Monastery…The residence for monks or priests
• Convent…The residence for nuns
• Dairy…The place where milk is converted into butter and cheese
• Bakery…The place where bread and cakes are made
• Abattoir…The place where animals slaughtered for the market
• Brewery…The factory for manufacturing beer
• Distillery…The place liquors are produced
• Laundry…The place where cloths are washed and ironed
• Garage…The place for housing cars
• Hangar…The place for housing aero planes
• Hotel…The place where the travelers can get lodging
• Inn… The place where the travelers can get lodging
• Restaurant…The place where the people can get food or refreshment
• Cabaret…The variety show performed in a restaurant
• Caboose…The kitchen in a ship
• Church…The Christians’ place of worship
• Galley… The kitchen in a ship
• Hostel…The house for the residence of the students
• Archives…The place where the Government records are kept
• Factory…The place where the manufacturing is going on
• Laboratory…The place where the scientific experiments are conducted
• Incinerator…The place the wastages are reduced to ashes
• Gymnasium…The place where the athletic exercises are performed
• Herbarium…The place where the dried plants are kept
• Museum…The place where the treasures of arts, are preserved
• Cache…The place where the treasures of arts are hidden
• Granary…The place for storing grain
• Depot…The place where the goods are stored
• Garret…The upper room or storey immediately under the roof
• Tannery…The place where the leather is tanned
• Barracks…The building for the accommodation of soldiers
• Cantonment…The place where the soldiers are quartered
• Mint…The place where the money is coined
• Observatory…The place where the astronomical observation are taken
• Orphanage…The place where the orphans are housed
• Reformatory…An institution for reforming the young offenders
• Quadrangle…The square courtyard bounded by buildings
• Avenue…A wide road lines with trees on both sides
• Boulevard… A wide road lines with trees on both sides
• Cul-de-sac…The Street only opens at one end
• Mosque…the Muslims’ place of worship
• Reservoir…The place where water is collected and stored
• Resort…The place frequented for the reasons of pleasure or health
• Casino…The place where gambling is going on
• Crèche…The place where the children are cared for while their parents are at work
• Paddock…The place adjoining race-course where the horses are kept for racing
• Booth…A covered stall at a fair
• Scullery…the place where the plates and other utensils are washed up
• Dock…The place where the ships are repaired
• Quay…The place the ships are loaded or unloaded
• Dormitory…The sleeping room in an institution
• Refectory…The refreshment hall in a monastery
• Kindergarten…The school for infants and young children
• Glyptotheca…The room where the sculptures are preserved
• Vivarium…The place where the animals are kept alive (ZOO)
• Bunker…The receptacle for storing coal
• Scuttle… The receptacle for storing coal
• Caddy…The small box in which tea is kept
• Butt…The large cask for holding wine
• Hogshead… The large cask for holding wine
• Cellar…An underground place for storing wine or other provisions
• Portfolio…A portable case for holding papers or drawings
• Decanter…An ornamental glass for holding wine
• Creel…A basket in which the fishermen puts his fish
• Reticule…The lady’s handbag or workbag
• Ewer…The large jug or pitcher for holding water for the washbasin
• Cruet…The small bottle for holding sauces for the dining table
• Sheath…A case in which the blade of a sword is kept
• Scabbard… A case in which the blade of a sword is kept
Source: http://www.english-for-students.com/Vocabulary-Places.html

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