Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A bag of bones – a very thin person/animal
A blockhead – a stupid person
A change of heart – change that turns you into a better person
A good head on one’s shoulders – to be practical; sensible
A skeleton in the cupboard – a domestic problem; a family secret which involves scandal
A slip of the tongue – something said accidentally
All thumbs – clumsy
An old hand – a person with experience
At arms’ length – to avoid being friendly with
At hand – close by
At wit’s end – to be puzzled
Backbiting – saying bad things about a person behind his back
Bad blood – angry or bitter feeling
Behinds one’s back – unknown to the person involved
Blood is thicker than water – family relationship are more important than relationship with other people
Blue-blood – of noble descent or birth
By word of mouth – orally
Eagle-eyed – sharp-sighted
Face value – the value of something as it appears at first
From top to toe – from head to foot; completely
Hair standing on end – to be terrified
Hands off – do not touch
Head over heels – completely
In black and white – in written form
In cold blood – in a cruel or deliberate way
In one ear and out the other – something that has made no impression on someone
In the dark – to be unaware of something
My blood froze(ran cold)in my veins – a feeling of terror
Nothing but skin and bone – without flesh on his/her bones; very thin
Offhand – casual
On the spur of the moment – without planning
One foot in the grave – a short time to live
One’s own flesh and blood – a relative
Out of hand – cannot be controlled
Out of the question – not possible or not allowed
Rule of thumb – method based on practical sense and experience
The ins and outs – the full details
Thick-skinned – not easily hurt or embarrassed
To back out – to try to get out of a difficult situation
To be all ears – to listen eagerly
To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth – having money and social advantage from birth
To break one’s heart – to cause emotional pain to another
To bring a person to his knees – to force a person to submit
To come to a head – to come to a critical moment
To cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face – to damage one’s own interest because of anger
To end in smoke – to have no result
To escape by the skin of one’s teeth – a narrow escape
To foot the bill – to pay for something
To give a piece of one’s mind – to scold, nag or lecture
To go back upon (from) one’s word – unable to keep a promise
To have a bone to pick with – to have something to complain about
To have a finger in the pie – to meddle in other people’s business
To have lost one’s tongue – to be too shy to say something
To have one’s tongue in one’s cheek – to say something that is not to be taken seriously
To hold one’s tongue – to keep quiet about something
To keep a straight face – to try and show no sign amusement
To keep an eye on – to attend to; to watch carefully
To keep one’s head – to be calm
To keep one’s head above water – to avoid being in debt
To lay (put)one’s finger on – to identify the cause of a problem
To lead somebody by the nose – to have complete control over a person
To leave no stone unturned – to do everything possible
To lend a hand – to help; assist
To lend an hand – to help; assist
To live from hand to mouth – spending money as soon as it earned, thus saving nothing
To look somebody in the face – to look at someone steadily
To lose heart – feeling discouraged
To lose one’s head – to lose control
To make eyes – to look lovingly; to be flirtatious
To make neither head nor tail of something – unable to understand
To make no bones – to say or proclaim publicly without shame or doubt
To one’s face – to say openly
To pay through the nose – to pay too much
To pick another’s brains – to get information from someone knowledgeable
To poke one’s nose into – to interfere without reason
To pull one’s leg – to play a joke on someone
To put on a long face – to look sad
To put one’s foot down – to refuse in a firm manner
To put one’s foot into it = to say or do something wrong or unsuitable
To put out heads together – to work together
To put words into someone’s mouth – to tell someone what to say
To save one’s skin – to escape safely
To see eye to eye – to be in agreement
To shake one’s head – to show disagreement or disapproval
To show one’s face – to make an appearance
To smack one’s lip – a way of showing satisfaction
To split hairs – to argue about small matters
To stand on one’s own legs(feet ) – to be independent
To take heart – to have hope
To take into account – to consider
To take someone’s breath away – to surprise someone
To take the words out of someone’s mouth – to say something which was about to be said
To turn a deaf ear – to be unwilling to listen
To turn one’s back upon someone – to avoid/to refuse help
To twist somebody round one’s little finger – to have control over a person
To wash one’s hands of – not wanting to be involved with the matter anymore
To win hands down – an easy win
Unable to make head or tail of something – being unable to understand something
Unable to see the wood for the trees – unable to understand something because one is looking at the small details rather than the whole picture
Up in arms – ready to argue or fight
With open arms – in a very friendly way
Within a stone’s throw of – very nearby

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