Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Curse - Character

Which character do you like or admire the most? Give reasons for your answer with close reference to the text.

I - Identify the needs of the question – character that you like
     or admire –

M - Based on the Novel The Curse by Lee Su  Ann, the character that I
       like or admire is………………….because ….(state 2 reasons)

E - What happened that make the character likeable/admirable? When did it happen?
      Where did it happen? (give 2 evidences for each reasons)

J - Justify why you say that the character is likeable/admirable? (Closure – relate it to
     our own life)

Based on the novel “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann the character that I like and admire is Azreen because of a few reasons.

The first reason is because Azreen is such a strong character that has great courage as she is open, positive and always fights for what she believes in.

Firstly, she ignores the warnings and prejudices of the Villagers by befriending the out casted Old lady. This is shown right from the time she dares to accept the challenge from her friends to approach the old lady to finally knocking on the door of the Old lady. In fact, she makes her, her precious confidante and counsellor.

Secondly, in defence of the Old lady she dares to confront Puan Normala’s mob outside Mohd Asraf’s house when Nek once again has fallen ill and died. Subsequently, she confronts a group of men led by Asraf who goes to the Old lady’s house to seek revenge after Nek dies as they believe the Old lady has poisoned Nek. Finally, when the Old lady died, trapped in the burning house, she confronts Asraf and physically attacks him as she believes Asraf is to be blamed.

Being open, positive, courageous to speak and act accordingly, and in addition always fights for what we believe in is important to us as we certainly help to make right what are wrong in the society, bring healing to wounded hearts and make the world a better place.

The second reason is because Azreen is such a good and loyal friend …………. (complete the task)

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