Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are you still playing your flute: Understanding - literal meaning

Word - Meaning

Longing -  A strong feeling of wanting something/somebody
Blown  - Swept away by the wind
Depth - Strength
Amidst - Among
Fragrance - A pleasant smell
Hazard - Endanger
Composed - To be made or formed
Conscience - The part of your mind that tells you whether your actions are right or wrong
Deserted - Left by people who do not intend to return
Luxury - A pleasure or an advantage that you do not often have
Desperate - Feeling or showing that you have little hope and are ready to do anything without worrying endangering yourself or others.
Mercilessly - Showing no kindness or pity
Uncovered - Exposed
Concealed - To hide
Dew drops - A small drop of water from the morning mist
Enjoying - Appreciating
flute - A musical instrument made of bamboo and shaped like a thin pipe. The player holds it sideways and blows across a hole at one end as he presses the key.
Slaughtered - Killed brutally
Gazing - To look steadily at somebody/something for a long time, either because you are very interested or surprised, or because you are thinking of something else
Disunited  - Group of people who are unable to agree with each other or work together

Phrases - Meaning

Hardly time for our love - No time to show that you care
Longing for your song - a strong feeling of wanting to listen to the song
Melody concealed - The hidden music/ tune
Depth of my heart - Deeply attached to the heart/ emotions affectionately
It has become a luxury - a pleasure or an advantage that you do not often have
To spend time watching the rain - Spare the time to admire the rain
Disturbs my conscience - Interrupts my guilty feeling
In the hazard of you - Endangers you
Friends slaughtered mercilessly - People who you care for are cruelly killed.
World is too old and bleeding - Changes which had taken place in the country that caused the people and nature to suffer.

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