Saturday, April 2, 2011

Directed Writing: Formal Letter

The President, 
The Neighbourhood Committee, 
81300 Skudai, 

The Chairman, 
The District Council 
81300 Skudai, 
Johor. 25 JANUARY 2010

Dear Sir, 

Abandoned Houses Visited by Suspicious Youths

I, Jamie Lee, would like to draw your attention to the abandoned houses visited regularly by suspicious youths on motorbikes. 

2 My neighbourhood has been a peaceful district until the appearance of a few youths. Every night, they will come in gangs of five to ten and loiter around the abandoned houses. To add flesh to the bone, they have been seen abusing drugs in these abandoned houses. When the drugs start to take effect, the youths will make a lot of noise, sing and even yell out vulgarities. 

3 Sad to say, ever since the gang of youths appeared, many houses have been broken into randomly. Many residents complain about missing motorcycles, car rims and even flower pots. These items have also been reportedly found in the proximity of the abandoned houses. 

4 Other than that, the residents have also seen these youths vandalise public property. They draw graffiti on the walls of shop houses and break the windows of cars with large stones. Thereafter, items like the music player in the car will go missing. Many shopkeepers have also reported that their beer and cigarettes have been burglared. These shopkeepers have lost a great deal of money and feel like they are living in hell. 

5 These youths make trouble for the residents by playing loud metal music in the abandoned houses and thus, disrupt their sleep. Undeniably, life has been like hell since the youths intruded into their lives. Apart from these, they have also carried out illegal racing on the main road of the neighbourhood, endangering the lives of the residents and their children. 

6 It is an undeniable truth that these youths have upset the peaceful committee that we are staying in and we hope that The District council would be able to help us to weather out the storm. 

Thank you. 

(Jamie Lee)

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