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Transitions connect your sentences and paragraphs together and provide coherence to your writing. They help your reader understand the relationships between your ideas.

To Enumerate (list ideas sequentially)
first             in the first place             first of all        to begin with     finally
second       in the second place        secondly         next                  last
third           in the third place            thirdly             another

To Give Examples
namely         particularly          incidentally         indeed             specifically     for instance
in fact          in other words     for example        in particular     to illustrate     that is

To Add an Illustration of
again         equally important     moreover         furthermore         besides             and then
also           further                     too                  and                     in addition         likewise

To Indicate Place
above         adjacent to         below         elsewhere     opposite to         on the other side
here            farther on           there           near             nearby                to the left/right
beside to the east/west/north/south

To Indicate Time
afterward     as long as                as soon as           after a while       thereafter          until
at length       presently                 shortly                 simultaneously    now                 until now
at last          at that time               since                   so far                 soon                subsequently
when           then                         before                 earlier                 formerly          immediately
lately           in the meantime         meanwhile          in the past           later                after a short time
recently       temporarily

To Compare
similarly         in a like manner      likewise         in the same way         in like manner     in a similar manner

To Contrast
after all         on the contrary            however         although          but                       despite
still               on the other hand         in spite of       yet                  and yet                 nevertheless
though         notwithstanding            otherwise        regardless       even though         but at the same time
in contrast

To Show Cause or Effect
then             as a result              because        consequently         hence         for this purpose
since            accordingly           therefore       thereupon              thus           to this end

To Show Concession
after all        at the same time     of course      although true         granted         perhaps
and yet        naturally

To Conclude
all in all         altogether             in brief         in conclusion             to conclude         in particular
in short         in summary           that is          on the whole             to summarize

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  1. This is useful for writing. Thank you.


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