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Base form         Simple past Past participle      Sample Sentences    
explode             exploded     exploded       The car/a bomb exploded.
flash (flashing)   flashed       flashed          The light was flashing repeatedly.
crash (crashing)  crashed       crashed         The cars crashed into each other in
                                                             the middle of the intersection.
rescue (rescuing) rescued      rescued         The ambulance rescued the injured
save (saving)      saved         saved           A helicopter saved the injured.
arrive (arriving)   arrived        arrived          The thief disappeared before the 
                                                             police arrived.
drive (driving)     drove         driven            While I was driving to school, I
                                                             witnessed an accident.
go (going)          went          gone             I was going to school when I saw
                                                             something terrible.
return (returning) returned    returned        As I was returning home, I thought
                                                            about what had happened.
stop (stopping)   stopped     stopped         The cars stopped honking their
                                                            I stopped to help the injured men.
Sounds & Senses
shout (shouting)  shouted    shouted         All the people were shouting.
scream (screaming) screamed screamed     Everybody started screaming when
                                                            bomb exploded.
yell (yelling)        yelled       yelled            The police yelled at the man who  
                                                            was trying to escape.
ring (ringing)       rang          rung             I was sleeping when suddenly the
                                                            telephone rang.
hear                  heard         heard            I was about to start my exam when
                                                            I heard a loud explosion.
see                   saw            seen            I saw something unusual as I was
                                                            going home one day.
listen (listening) listened      listened        My friend listened as I told him my
                                                            strange story.
watch (watching) watched     watched        I was watching TV when suddenly a
                                                            car crashed through my wall.

Base form          Simple past  Past participle        Sample sentences
(Reported) speech
think (about/that) thought        thought         I thought something terrible had
speak (speaking)  spoke           spoken          I spoke to the journalist about
                                                                what had happened.
tell (telling)         told              told              I told the police exactly what
                                                                had happened.
report (reporting) reported        reported        The newspaper reported that
                                                                three people were killed and five
ask (asking)        asked            asked           The ambulance crew asked me
                                                                what had happened.
Other verbs
try (trying)          tried              tried             I tried to call the police but
                                                                 couldn't get a signal on my
set up (setting up) set up         set up           We had just set up camp when a
                                                                big group of camels arrived.
camp (camping)   camped         camped         We camped at the bottom of a
                                                                big sand dune.
sleep (sleeping)  slept              slept            We were just falling asleep when
                                                                a huge explosion lit up the sky.
wail (wailing)      wailed            wailed          Soon we heard a siren wailing

Useful time phrases
  • Last year/last summer/month/week/yesterday 
  • After an hour
  • One week ago 
  • After a few minutes
  • On that day 
  • Suddenly/out of the blue

Adjectives for expressing feelings
I felt … afraid (of/to) sad (about) scared (to) surprised (to) upset (about)
I felt … delighted (about/to) excited (about/to) happy (about/to)

Other useful sentences
  • I woke up late and rushed to school but on the way there something terrible happened.
  • I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green when suddenly …
  • I called the police and told them what I'd seen/what had happened.
  • The car had flipped over and it looked like it was about to explode.
  • Unfortunately, I had a car accident. I was covered with blood and badly injured.
  • The police came to investigate. They caught the criminal and threw him in jail.
  • Cars were honking and people were shouting because they were angry about …
  • Just then, I witnessed an accident. The car in front of me had crashed into a telephone pole.
  • Suddenly I heard a loud noise. I thought it was just the t.v. at first but it sounded like it was coming
  • from the closet in my room. What was inside it?
  • I went outside to see what the problem was. Some kids were playing with fireworks.
  • While I was calling my neighbour, the power was cut out of the blue.
  • I promised myself I would never do that again.

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