Friday, May 14, 2010

Prisoner of Zenda: Question and Answer

Write a short synopsis of ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ and discuss whether you have found the story interesting.

A short synopsis is a summary of the story. This story is about a rich English gentleman by the name of Rudolf Rassendyll who goes for a holiday in Ruritania and meets King Rudolf the Fifth accidentally on the eve of his Coronation. Physically, King Rudolf looks exactly like Rudolf Rassendyll except that he is clean shaven. The king invites Rudolf to dinner and they have a drinking session. Unfortunately, the King is drugged by the wine given by Duke Michael of Strelsau, his younger brother, who also aspires to be King. As he is too ‘ill’ to attend the Coronation, Rudolf Rassendyll who has a very close resemblance to the King especially the ‘flaming red hair’ is asked to impersonate him and to exchange places as soon as the King is able to travel back to Strelsau. However the King is captured by Black Michael and is held a prisoner at Zenda. Poor Rudolf has to assume his false identity for a longer time and carry out all the duties of the King without arousing the suspicions of anyone. It is a very challenging task but he is carefully guided by Colonel Sapt, a very loyal friend and adviser to the King. Matters become complicated when he falls in love with Princess Flavia, a beautiful cousin of Rudolf the Fifth. She is engaged to him and will soon be Queen of Ruritania. Rudolf Rassendyll has to choose between honour and love as time passes and he also risks his life to save the King

I find this story very interesting because it is full of adventure and I am happy to see that good triumphs over evil in the end. There is a lot of suspense as Black Michael schemes to dethrone King Rudolf and I find his ‘Famous Six’ bodyguards quite intimidating. They represent everything that is cruel, wicked and evil and made remarkable villains in the story. I admire Princess Flavia for choosing duty and honour over love. It must be a very painful experience to give up the person one loves but she has done what is right and honourable. The real king needs her to help him rule Ruritania. I find the exchange of the gift a single red rose once every year a symbol of real love. It is a very touching and poignant moment in the story and it reminds us that true love needs sacrifices.

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