Friday, May 14, 2010

Prisoner of Zenda: Question and Answer

What is setting? Describe the setting of ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ and write in detail a particular place that has interested you.

Setting tells us about the time and place of a story. It can help to give us a better understanding of the background of the story. Setting also helps to create links between characters and events. In most cases, it helps to create a particular mood or atmosphere.

The story of ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ is set in an imaginary country called Ruritania, situated somewhere in central Europe, east of Germany and Austria. The background of ancient castles, country lodges, mountains and forests provide a certain romantic allure and charm. The atmosphere of political intrigue pervades as the reader is transported into a world of power struggle and deceit. A particular place that is fascinating to me is the Old Castle in Zenda. The magical quality of the castle is captured through Rudolf’s eyes. On Rudolf’s first visit to Zenda, he feels that he cannot leave Zenda ‘without a visit to its famous Old Castle’. He describes the Castle as one in a ‘fairy story’. It is very old and fierce battles have been fought there long ago. Surprisingly, this ancient castle is not a ruin but still in very good condition. It is surrounded by a moat. Across the moat is a drawbridge. No one can enter the Castle once the drawbridge is drawn except by swimming across the moat. I am drawn to this Castle because it is here that most of the adventures in the story take place. The King is imprisoned in the Old Castle in the room at the end of the drawbridge. In the next room three of the Six are always on guard. A door leads from the King’s room to theirs. Thus, in a second, they can rush out and kill the King,. I can picture in my mind how dangerous it is to try to rescue the King for any sudden attack on the Castle can mean his untimely death.

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