Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prisoner of Zenda: More notes on theme

Mistaken identity: 
The main theme that runs through the book is the age-old fascination with mistaken identity. Rudolf Rassendyll has the same startling red hair and looks as the King of Ruritania. The public accept him as the same person, the enemy knows he is not the king but is unable to display their knowledge for fear of giving away the fact that they have kidnapped the real king. Flavia, the king’s intended, falls in love with Rudolf, thinking he is the king who has suddenly become a person she can love.
Love and honour: The other major theme running through the book is the conflict between love and honour. Our hero must choose between his love for the real king’s intended bride, and his honour and loyalty to the king. Rudolf has the opportunity to leave the king languishing towards certain death in the Castle of Zenda, whilst he takes his place as King of Ruritania. But honour and chivalry are the foundations of life in
the romantic mythical country. Rudolf Rassendyll was warmly welcomed by the Victorians, as a hero who gives the impression of being indolent and uncaring, but who becomes a fearless fighter when events demand it. By the end of the book the English gentleman has displayed qualities fit for a king, and shown the real king the way to behave.

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