Saturday, May 15, 2010

I wonder

by Jeannie Kirby

I wonder why the grass is green
And why to each other we’re often mean?
Who taught us how to curse and hate?
And lead us to betray our faith?

Why can’t we learn to live and love?
And give all praises to him above
Why must we strive to put others down?
Why not wear a smile instead of a frown.

Must we forever devise new ways?
To hurt each other instead of praise?
For aren’t we all the same in his sight
Don’t we all rise in the morn and sleep at night?

For who amongst us has not shed a tear
Or hurt by another who never seemed to care.
And which of us has not done the same
To hurt another or caused some shame.

When shall we learn to let go of the past
And live each day like it’s our very last?
Which will you be, an foe or a friend?
Would you still hate today, if this was your end?

Don’t we yet know that it clouds our fate
When we ignore love and foster hate.
When hate fills your heart, it makes you blue,
For the person most hurt will always be you.

Lets rise each morning, smile and say
“Thank you God, for yet another day”
“Thanks for your love and tender care
And give me more love in my heart to share.

In Jeannie’s poem, the persona laments on human’s ignorance in promoting love and peace.


The persona wonders about the things he sees around him. He wonders about the colours he sees in nature, the natural elements of nature and the surroundings during the night. He wonders about things he sees in the sky. He questions why his father will not explain these phenomena to him. Maybe, his father does not understand them too. 

  • The persona's house
  • Day and night 
  • Wonders of nature
  • Beauty in nature
  • Life and nature through the eyes of a child
  • Innocent observations
  • Puzzles in life
Moral Values
  • We must learn to be observant about our surroundings
  • Take time to enjoy the wonders of nature
  • It is natural and normal for us not to understand everything about life
  • Children can teach us about life too
  • We should not give false information about things we are not sure of 

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