Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flipping Fantastic - Jane Langford


1. Who is the writer of the short story,"Flipping Fantastic"?
2.Who are the main characters here?
3. What do you think is the approximate age of the two main characters?
4. What is physically wrong with Tristan?
5.What does Tristan enjoys that James dislikes?
6. What games does James like to play?
7.Which secondary schools would the boys be going to after the summer holidays?
8. What is the main difference in the characters of the twins?
9. How does James describe his new school?
10. How does Tristan describes his new school?


1. Jane Langford wrote this short story.
2. The main characters are the twins, Tristan and James.
3. They should be about 12 years old going on to 13.
4. He is physically challenged.
5. Tristan enjoys play-acting while James abhors it.
6. He loves to play football.
7.Tristan will go to a special residential school called Chesterlea Grange while James will go to a day school called Highfields
8. Tristan is an extrovert while James is an introvert.
9.He describes it as "brilliant!"
10. Tristan describes it excitingly as 'Flipping Fantastic!"


  1. khairunnisa khalidJuly 30, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    thank you for this information about flipping fantastic short story...u had help me to do some group work...thank you very much....:)

  2. I understand the story better now..:) thank you.

  3. i also like the Learn a Word a Day thing up there. Because i read your blog, i have to look at that box! and secara tak langsung, i learn the new word too!!!

  4. Do you have any information on the author, Jane Langford ?
    Plz I need it for my project


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