Thursday, October 1, 2009

Writing a Recount: PMR

  1. Recounts tell the reader what happened. They retell a past event eg a visit to a farm.
  2. Recounts begin by telling the reader who was involved, what happened, where this event took place and when it happened. This is called the orientation.
  3. The sequence of events is then described in some sort of order eg time.
  4. There may be a reorientation at the end which summarises the event.

Example of a recount: shows the structure and language features of a recount text.

Writing recounts

When writing recounts you should:

  • focus on individual people ie use the words, I or we
  • use words which indicate when (eg after lunch) and where the events took place (eg in the shed)
  • write mainly in the past tense eg had, visited
  • use action words/ powerful verbs eg helped, crutched.
  • Write things in the order in which they happened.
  • Use connecting words and phrases (eg A few minutes later, meanwhile, afterwards..
  • Use amazing adjective to help create a picture in the reader’s head.

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