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The Pearl: Sample Answer SPM 2006

The writer describes the main character as a very determined person.

Using the details from he novel that you have studied, write about:

  • some instances that show the characters's determination

  • how the determination affects his/her family

Sample 1:

The character who shows that he is very determined in the story The Pearl by John Steinbeck is Kino; the main character in the novel. He shows qualities that make him different from the other characters as he is a very determined person who wants to take his family out from the clutches of poverty. Kino’s actions and his thoughts show us that he is very determined to change the order of life. He is determined to break out from the life trap in which his people have been living for a very long time. He wants to move away form being poor and without opportunities to a better life for the good of his family and people.

In the novel, Kino is determined to get a pearl that would bring fortune so that he is able to engage a doctor to treat Coyotito, who is stung by a scorpion. When he finds the world’s greatest pearl, he visualises him and his family members wearing fine clothes. He sees the pearl as a ticket to a greater life ahead, and wishes to educate Coyotito.

When Kino goes to La Paz, which is a pearl trading town to sell his pearl, he realises that the pearl buyers intend to cheat him. He defies them and plans to go to the capital to sell his pearl. This shows that he is a determined person and aims to achieve his goals by overcoming obstacles.

Even after he is attacked three times by intruders, who are out to get his pearl, he fights back and is determined to keep his pearl. He keeps reminding himself that the pearl is the only way for him and his family to have a bright future, and intends to safeguard both the pearl and his family from evil men.

When Juana insists that they dispose the pearl as it is evil and would destroy them, Kino refuses to listen to her and is determined to hold on to the pearl. He tells her that they would sell the pearl and the evil would be gone. He wishes to sell the pearl to get money to educate Coyotito and tell Juana that Coyotito must break out of the pot that holds them in. Kino is far-sighted and knows the importance of education although he and his people are illiterate.When Juan Tomas tells Kino that the pearl brings evil and it is dangerous to have it, Kino shows how determined he is in keeping it. He tells his brother that he will go to the capital to get the best deal for the pearl. Even when Juana persists that the pearl is evil, Kino is determined to win and achieve his goals. His determination is very clear.

Kino is determined to kill the trackers as he knows that they are ruthless killers who would kill them anytime to get the pearl. He edges like a slow lizard down the smooth rock shoulder to attack the trackers. In the end, Kino is so determined to get rid of the pearl and throws the pearl back into the sea, as he realises that his determination has effected his happy family. He beats his wife Juana when she tries to throw the pearl back to the sea in his determination to hold on to the pearl. Furthermore, he has lost everything that he has had; his house, his canoe, and the worst he has lost his beloved son and thus his dreams of becoming rich.

Sample 2:

The novel that I have chosen is The Pearl by John Steinbeck. The main character in this novel; Kino is a very determined person. There are many instances which show Kino's determination and it has affected his family in many ways.

The first instance we can see Kino's determination is after getting the pearl. He is determined to sell the pearl despite Juana's warning that it will bring evil to the family. Due to this, he has misunderstands his wife Juana and acts brutally towards her. Their happy life is threatened.

Another instance of Kino's determination can be seen when he wants to sell the pearl. He goes to town to sell the pearl. Several pearl dealers try to cheat him. Despite that, he is still determined to sell the pearl. When the pearl does not fetch a good price, he is determined to go to the city to sell it.

Kino's determination can also be seen when he wants to protect the pearl from being taken away from him by killing an attacker. In addition, it can also be seen when he kills the attacker who shot his son coyotito. His determination in protecting the pearl has led to the losing of his beloved son, his belongings such as canoe and his house and it has led to Kino becoming a murderer. In conclusion, his determination led him into losing all his dreams of becoming rich and his happy family. Finally, he throws back the pearl into the sea and does not achieve anything.

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