Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Pearl: Trial Terengganu

1. Describe the admirable actions of one of the characters in the novel
2. Explain why you admire the actions.

In the novel, The Pearl by John Steinbeck, there are lots of admirable actions actions done by Kino in The Pearl .

Firstly, when when he tries to get his son treated by the white doctor in town. It is admirable as Kino shows great fatherly love towards his son when he is stung by a scorpion and we can only understand the extent of Kino’s love for his son when we know that at the time of the story a poor Mexican Indian like Kino in the city of La Paz seldom met a rich Spanish Mexicana like the doctor.

He priorities his son's well being rather than his dignity; he brings coyotito to see the doctor eventhough he knows that the doctor will not entertain the poor like him. Kino also shows fatherly love when he tries very hard to find a pearl that would provide him with the funds to have Coyotito treated by the doctor.

Secondly, when he defended The Pearl with great courage; fights off those who tries to steal his pearl. The first time he has to fight off a man who has come to his brush hut to steal the pearl. Kino manages to stop him but is injured in the head. Later he had to fight off another attack. The third time Kino is attacked, he kills his attacker. When he tries to run away, he is followed by three men but he manages to kill all of them. While defending what is his, he has to sacrifice losing his beloved son Coyotito. His action in defending courageously what is rightfully his is admirable.

Other admirable actions is when he throws the Pearl back to sea; after enduring and sacrificing a lot, he finally makes a decision to throw the pearl that would give him a wealthy life back to sea. He has done that in hope that he and Juana can live in peace. Choosing peace rather than wealth after someone has to endure such a life as Kino did is indeed admirable to me.

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