Monday, August 3, 2009

Write a story beginning with : “ I tried again and again…”

I tried again and again to fight its pull but I just couldn’t. I climbed in and buckled myself. As I sat there, hunched in it, I felt excitement in my stomach. My head throbbed, my limbs tensed and my fingers shook. My body was in a flight mode. I slid the gear into drive and pressed on the gas pedal.. my hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. It gained speed.. first gradually and then I was off.. in full speed and high gear. Nothing else mattered to me now.

My eyes were only on the road in front of me. The sides became a blur of images. It was just me and the race against time. Suddenly out of nowhere, a dog ran out of the left side of the road in front of me. I hit the brakes. My hands swiveled the wheels sharply to the right.. I managed to avoid it just in time.

I took deep breath and held it. I had to be more alert now. You never know what might happen next. No soon I thought this, suddenly a sharp bend appeared in front of me. I was going too fast! My breath got caught in my throat as I turned the wheels sharply.. and I heard a terrible screech as I hit the road bend.. tiny rocks flying .. and then off I went, launched off into the air.. . For a few horrible seconds.. I could hear my heart beat.. I was going to fall .. I dare not look. I closed my eyes and prayed. Then ‘wham’.. I hit the ground! I was flipped over and over a few times. I felt as though my body was a ragged doll… tossed about here and there! And then it was all over. Silence. Was I still alive? I waited.. afraid to move. Then I heard voices around me.. slowly at first then they grew in concern. I tried to feel my body. I could move my hands, my legs and my head. I opened my eyes just when the operator reached out to tap me on my shoulders.

“Are you all right?” he asked. Then I realized again where I was. In a games arcade, seated in one of those virtual game machines. ‘Game over’ flashed on the screen in front of me. I smiled to myself. I have to do it again.

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