Friday, August 21, 2009

Rationale Cloze: Exercise

Read the following passage and choose the best answer. Then, circle A,B, C or D on the question paper.

Earthquakes are terrible natural disasters. Often scientists are able to predict earthquakes _____(9) they happen. There are signs such as a bulge in the land, a rare gas called radon in the water, changes in the earth’s gravity and slight earth tremors that at first can only ______(10) detected by sensitive machines.

However, the most fascinating of all ________ (11) the animal behaviour. Animals seem to have the ability to sense the impending disaster _________ (12) before human beings can feel the tremors. Animals have been found to behave ________ (13) before an earthquake. Cattle, sheep and other farm animals create havoc in their pens or try to break free. Birds can be seen flying around with the eggs in their claws. Rats wander around busy streets and markets carrying their babies in their mouths and dogs start howling for ______ (14) apparent reason. All these abnormal acts indicate that the animals are _______ (15) of something and intended to save their lives from an imminent disaster.

9 A as B when C after D before
10 A first B be C to D have
11 A is B are C was D were
12 A long B much C still D ago
13 A strange B strangely C stranger D strangeness
14 A no B not C none D neither
15 A brave B terrified C clever D relieved

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