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Potato People: More Notes and Exercises

Chapter 5 - Ashes and Smoke

Chapter Overview
In this chapter:
- Patrick returns to the village to find only Sean there.
- Sean wants Patrick to go to America

When Patrick returned to the village, he could still see the smoke rising from the ruins. All his friends and people he knew were gone and only Sean was still there. He looked wild and desperate. Sean told Patrick to leave Ireland and never to come back to Skullgoragh. He wanted Patrick to go to America. He would get the money for both of them from a man who owed him money. They would meet at an inn “Three Cats” which was near the harbour. Patrick felt excited. He knew his life would never be the same again.

Chapter 6 – On the Road
Chapter Overview
This chapter is about:
- Patrick’s journey to Port Cork.
- He meets Peter O’connor and little Mary.

Patrick walked along the main road which leads to Cork. There were so many people travelling towards the sea. These people looked tired and hungry like the people from his village.
Patrick met a man called Peter O’Connor who was carrying a child named Mary. All these people, including Peter and Mary were leaving for America in search of a new life. Peter told Patrick that Mary was not his child but he had found her in a farmhouse three days ago. Patrick thought it strange that Mary did not speak at all. Peter told Patrick that Mary and many others had seen terrible things which words could not describe. Some of these people had lost the will to speak. They walked on until they came to Killkaddy, a rich-looking town. They passed a large building filled With sacks of wheat. Peter took Patrick to look for a baker as he looked hungry.


Rearrange the following sentences according to the sequence of events in the story.

1 All his friends and people he knew had already left the village.
2 He met Sean sitting by the well holding his axe.
3 Sean will meet Patrick at the inn, “Three Cats” near the harbour in Cork.
4 When Patrick went back to the village, he could see the smoke rising.
5 Sean wants Patrick to leave Skullgoragh and never to return.
6 Patrick felt very excited and knew that his life would change for the better.
7 Patrick thought it was strange for the young girl to be so quiet.
8 When Patrick went to Cork he saw so many people. Most of them looked so tired and hungry.
9 He met Peter O’Connor who was carrying a young child he found.
10 They walked on until they came to Killkaddy, a rich looking town.
11 It seemed the girl saw some terrible things and lost the will to speak.
12 The girl looked very quiet and never said a word.

Read the following statements. Write T next to the statement that is True and F to the statement that is False.

1 Sean wants Patrick to stay with him in Skullgoragh to start a business.
2 When he arrived at his village all his friends waited for him.
3 Sean looked desperate and asked Patrick to leave Ireland for America.
4 Sean will meet Patrick at the inn “Three Cats” in Cork.
5 Sean does not want Patrick to forget what happened in Skullgoragh.
6 Patrick was very sad when he thought about leaving his village for America.
7 The people in Cork were all travelling towards the sea.
8 He met Peter O’Connor, his wife Mary and a young child walking together.
9 The young child was very cheerful and spoke all the time to Patrick.
10 Some of the young and old people saw so many terrible things that happened that they lost the ability to speak at all.
11 They went looking for bread because Patrick was hungry.

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