Sunday, August 16, 2009

Looking For A Rain God: Exercise

Read the extract from the short story Looking for a Rain God below and answer the questions that follow.

The adults paid no attention to this: they did not even hear the funny chatter; they sat waiting for the rain; their nerves were stretched to breaking-point willing the rain to fall out of the sky. Nothing was important, beyond that. All their animals had been sold during the bad years to purchase food, and of all their herd only two goats were left. It was the women of the family who finally broke down under the strain of waiting for rain. It was really the two women who caused the death of the little girls.

(a) Whose funny chatter was it?

_______________________________________________________ (1 mark)

(b) What did the family do in order to survive the drought?

________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

(c) Who killed the little girls?

________________________________________________________ (1 mark)

(d) Do you think it is right for the girls to be killed? Give a reason.


________________________________________________________ (2 marks)

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