Sunday, August 2, 2009

How Dalat Got Its Name: Plot & Setting

In this story, all the key events are woven into a pattern. It comprises the following :

The wise old chief, who has three sons (Galau, Umat and Lutong) dies
without naming a successor.

Rising Action
According to tradition, the eldest son, Galau, should be chief. However, he is challenged
by his younger brother Umat. There are bitter arguments within the family and village
over the succession issue. The villagers take sides and the community is divided into 2
groups. Umat takes his men and leaves the vilage.

A bloody war breaks out. The trees fall on the enemy boats and some of Umat's men
are crushed to death. Umat's men burn the houses in the village. Galau's men open
the trap-doors of the tallhouse and pour boiling water on the enemies. The fighting
continues for three days and three nights.

Falling Action
Many men die, including Umat. Enemy survivors run away.

Peace and order is restored. Galau renames the village Dalat, meaning 'flies'
to remind future generations of the futility of sibling rivalry and war.

There are two main settings - the physical setting and the social setting.

The following are some of the physical settings in the story :
* a small, riverine village in Sarawak namd Dalat
* The village chief's house
* The Oya River in Sarawak

The social settings show the following :
* The distant past

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